New form for reimbursement of expenses

We are pleased to provide a new form for reimbursement of expenses. It will be available in two languages (German / English) and provides many improvements:

  • Identification based on UZH employee number, name and first name of employee (statement of bank details and bank address are not required any more)
  • Clearly laid out table enables user friendly data entering o Selection of expenses based on travel expense categories or accounts
  • Supported currency translation o Automatic summary of expenses per cost center / project (manual calculation is not necessary any more)
  • Optional additional forms for various expense types according to UZH Expense Regulations (private vehicle allowance, meals cost / meals allowance, ancillary allowance - these will replace the existing form "Kleinauslagen ohne Beleg")

Please be aware that payments for reimbursement of expenses will be made in Swiss Francs (CHF) to the account used for your salary.

Further information: Reimbursement of expenses.