Expense Reimbursement

We reimburse expenses to our employees according to the Expense Regulations of the University and on the basis of the original receipts. Expenses of non-employees  see Zahlungsaufträge.

Claims for reimbursement of expenses never include salaries.

SInce 2015 we reimburse expenses in CHF to the same account as the salary is paid to (see Financial Manual § 102). Claims for reimbursement of expenses should generally be submitted to us at the end of every month, but no later than the end of the calendar year. Please follow the instructions:

  1. Stick all original receipts on a DIN-A4-sheet with sellotape on the upper edge of the receipt (otherwise they can not be scanned properly). Fill out the additional form if necessary.
  2. Fill out the statement of expenses with Excel and print it. (We can not accept forms that are filled out manually or have hand written corrections.)
  3. Add the necessary signatures: recipient and cost center / project manager. If recipient is the same as the cost center / project manager, then her/his superior has to sign.
  4. Send the claim together with the original receipts and the additional forms to our team Kreditoren.

The team Kreditoren reviews all the forms. Please add a contact person other than the recipient, if recipient can not be reached easily (i.e. secretariat).

Representation expenses (see expense regulations § 12)

The type of and reason for a gift or, in the case of entertainment expenses, the names of all persons present, name and location of the site, date of the entertainment provided, and business purpose must be noted on the receipts.