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Finance Office

inForm database

As of December, 12, 2015 please use inForm database ot get access to SAP HR and SAP FI/CO.

From December 12, 2015, you can use our inForm database ( to apply for system access as follows:

  • SAP user profiles (Systemberechtigung) HR und FI/CO (including 'Ministamm' for externals) with allocation, changement and withdrawal of the following user rights:
    • Invoicing (Faktura Light)
    • Reports
    • Budgeting with Allevo
    • Rights for HR as line manager (Vorgesetzte/r) and/or HR manager (Personalverantwortliche/r)
  • Allocation of support roles in accounts payable workflow (Kreditorenworkflow, KWF)
  • Opening and changing of profit centers, cost centers and projects in the University Accounts including allocating or changing the financially responsable person (Struktur und Verantwortung)

Processing with inForm has the following advantages

  • Simplified processing (no mailing, electronic sign-off)
  • Combined applications are possible, i.e. a profit center manager gets automatically rights to sign-off payments in KWF
  • Aplications can be traced easily

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Credentials to access Webportal Business Applications

Please note that from December 12, 2015 the credentials to access Webportal Business Applications will be changed to WebPass. User name is your short name. Please set your password via Identity Manager.

For password reset concerning SAP GUI please send us a support request.